Breath and Fire

Breath and fire. Breath and fire. Is it just me or have the past few days been about little else than breath and fire? George Floyd ran out of breath. Or, rather, it was choked out of him before the eyes of the world, a man on his knees in a pose perverting the posture... Continue Reading →

Is This What You Think I Want?

Sermon from February 9, 2020 A hopefully-not-too-presumptuous modern-day paraphrase of Isaiah 58:1-12 Listen up, people!I’ve got a message for you from God, and I’m gonna wail it out like an electric guitar.God is sick of our rebellion, our neglect of what is right.And I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you:We’re in some deep trouble.... Continue Reading →

What Is a Prophet?

It's General Conference weekend, which for many of my marginal Mormon and post-Mormon friends brings up trauma, anxiety, and pain. I'm so sorry for that. Please take care of yourselves. Gather support around you; eat something delicious; take a walk; take a bath; do what you need to do. If it helps, give yourself permission... Continue Reading →

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