Going On: A Play in One Act

An audio of a performance of "Going On" from December 21, 2019 at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, with Lauren Diesch as Kate, Lanny Langston as Todd, and Katie Langston as Deanna. Download a PDF of "Going On." You're welcome to perform it (and to cut the swear words for a church performance); please drop... Continue Reading →

Are Mormons Christians?

I've seen this tweet blow up in my feed the past couple of days: https://twitter.com/warriorwoman91/status/1138580226496126976 You have the typical replies. "We're not Mormons! We're members of TCoJCoLDS!" https://twitter.com/7AwesomeAustins/status/1138606129720676352 And of course the old, "Jesus is in the name of the church" canard. https://twitter.com/melaya_huffaker/status/1138865258691534848 And my favorite, the "we didn't want to be Christians anyway" response.... Continue Reading →

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